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Dec 7, 2013 8:30pm PST
will not. four words: he. went. to. jared. jared? jared. trust us. now, step away from the jersey and nobody gets hurt. [ female announcer ] jared, the galleria of jewelry has a selection larger than ordinary jewelry stores, including unique styles you won't find anywhere else. the perfect gift... i love it! [ female announcer ] ...from an almost-perfect guy, that's why he went to jared. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> gus: there is the championship trophy given to the winner of the big ten title. right now, ohio state faced with a fourth down and yard and a half. carlos hyde in the backfield. michigan state i'd blitz inside to plug the run hole. >> gus: fourth down. here is braxton miller! and he won't get it! what a play! denis kos allen! denicos allen! >> charles: the outside linebacker, denicos allen forces the play but fights off the block from jeff heuerman, the tight end, and gets outside. heuerman has got to make that block in order for hyde to turn up field. he got his block. in heuerman makes the block there, i think it's a first down. there is pat gnar tusy who has come down out
Al Jazeera America
Dec 21, 2013 9:00pm EST
. >> jared baumeister grew up afraid of flying. >> i did not want to fly at all. i skipped family vacations on occasions because i was so convinced i would die if i got on the plane. my father was an aviation attorney, dealing with plane cars. >> pan am flight 103. the 2001 attacks on the world trade center - dinner conversations in the jared baumeister home. it wasn't until 2009 that jared baumeister gave air tral a second chance. >> i went from here to asia, back to europe and back here, and realised that there was a huge amount of places in the world i wanted to see. a flight to chicago that i will take will be the 115th flight of year. >> like jared, steve moro was a mileage runner - not this runner. >> my fis mile run was back in the "90s, when pan amwas in existence. they were so poorly managed towards the end that essentially every other flight you did, they were giving away a free ticket. >> the new goal is status. goal, platinum and the first-class seats, luxury lounges and complimentary champagne that go along with it. mileage runners travel thousands of miles to earn status and t
Dec 18, 2013 4:00am EST
♪ yes! ♪ attention... he went to jared. he went to jared. [ applause ] who wants a little champagne? [ female announcer ] jared the galleria of jewelry has five times the selection of ordinary jewelry stores, with thousands of loose diamonds and hundreds of settings to create your own one-of-a-kind ring. oh. please return your fiancée to her original upright position. [ female announcer ] that's why he went to jared. [ no audio ] >> not so subtle message from our country to russia. that's for sure. and time for sports news. a wild finish in cleveland, between the cavaliers and the trail blazers. >>> plus, a controversial call during a college basketball game. here's neil and stan and espn news. >> welcome to our "sportscenter" studios. >> hi. >> got right there. >> let's get to the highlights. >> there's two, young guys with nice heads of hair. portland, the best record in the league, at cleveland. match-up of two of the great, young point guards. kyrie irving, finds anderson varejao. cold-blooded, damian lillard. big sky, hello. portland is going to win it. 36 points, 8 rebounds,
Dec 16, 2013 11:00pm EST
. four words: he. went. to. jared. jared? jared. trust us. now, step away from the jersey and nobody gets hurt. [ female announcer ] jared, the galleria of jewelry has a selection larger than ordinary jewelry stores, including unique styles you won't find anywhere else. the perfect gift... i love it! [ female announcer ] ...from an almost-perfect guy, that's why he went to jared. >>> lard to believe we're tracking more snow headed -- hard to believe we're tracking more snow headed toward the metro area. >> who do you trust more, car salesmen or a politician? those are among the least trusted professions in the country and both tonight make a case for why you should trust them. >> more trouble for chris brown even after his arrest in d.c. >> the soap opera surrounding coach shanahan taking some blame. >>> first we are tracking more snow that. could fall during the morning commute. good evening, everybody. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm bruce johnson, straight to first alert meteorologist topper shutt in the weather center. what can we expect in the morning? >> i think we'll see some flakes flyin
Dec 2, 2013 4:00am PST
's been to london, paris and her son plays baseball. you psychic? i speak pandora. he went to jared. [ female announcer ] this holiday, find these pandora charms, exclusively at jared. you're good. i know. [ female announcer ] that's why he went to jared. ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. >>> hollywood welcomed in the spirit of the season last night. santa took a break from the north pole to lead things off. followed by dancing evils. this tradition has gone strong for 82 years. >>> let's look at the road conditions. the major trouble spots will be throughout the pacific northwest, stretching east ward to the great lakes. >> the only major airport delays expected today are in seattle and minneapolis. >>> fans, friends, and fellow actors are mourning the shocking death of "fast & furious" star paul walker. killed in a fiery crash in california over the weekend
Dec 13, 2013 4:00am PST
. more than 100 million viewers will not be seeing ad icons like the etrade baby, jared from subway or the go daddy girls. etrade and subway are just not doing 2014 super bowl ads at all. and go daddy has decided to ditch the sexy women and go in a different direction. >> the etrade baby never fails to make me laugh. >> i know. >>> the competition at the box office is all about second place this weekend. that's because the new hobbit movie is hitting theaters. >> it's called "the hobbit: the desolation of smaug." experts say it's likely to bring in about $80 million. tyler perry's new movie, "a media christmas" and "frozen should round out the top three. >>> and you could see doritos used in unique ways. how does doritos on chicken wings sound? >> sounds pretty good, actually. >> pretty good. it could actually happen. now that pepsi is partnering up with buffalo wild wings. company officials say other unique menu offerings are also in the works. possibly even something called mountain dew salad dressing. >> i don't know about that one. i'm more partial to the buffalo wings with dori
Dec 20, 2013 1:00pm PST
for budget and policy priorities and former beam administration official. jared, people know that by now. perry, i want your thoughts on this press conference, the president obviously trying to say that even if you are concerned about some of the government's activities right now, from health care to the nsa, he is in charge, he is hands-on, and as the world changes, he's changing with it. >> exactly. he's trying to get away. he acknowledged in a bunch of ways, joking otherwise, not a great year for him. but he talked about two issues i thought were important. kristen mentioned the nsa changes. the second big issue, there has been talk from the republicans about trying to do another big debt ceiling debate with threats and so on. he was very emphatic in saying -- he said it before, but very emphatic in a new context, saying no, i will not negotiate over the debt ceiling. politically, i think the important question is, julie pace, good question, thought, was this the worst year of your presidency. he said a lot of words, the one word he did not use in that answer was no. he definitely ack
FOX Business
Dec 18, 2013 8:00pm EST
, no phone calls on their flights. no to inflight calls. so sandra and jared. on the biz blitz. sandra? >> delta says they are not going to go with the crowd. allow people to make cell phone calls on the plane, saying it is a disruption to travel experience, i agree, i love my quiet time in the air. a few hours of the day, where you don't have -- you don't have the ability to talk to people or listen to others, my problem with this, all of a sudden you have flight attendant running on the plane telling everyone to get off theirs the new norm to use your cell phone, we're disrupted by the flight attendant running around before take off telling everyone to shut down their electronic devices. >> we should let audience know, you know you hang out in the pits, a lot of noise for you like no big deal. on other hand, jared, probably travels in a bentley he is used to quiet. >> i have away from pits my hearing was going bad. funny, sandra brings it up, i dis agree slidely, you are in a tube 10,000 feet in the air, 5:00 in the morningure youre, ye %-yapping on the phone, in 2012, southwest took
Dec 3, 2013 6:00pm PST
. back home fish and chips and beer. >> we don't annunciate. >> jared, let's look at the first subway ad you made. >> jared believes in an active lifestyle including walking. at the heart of his routine are subway sandwiches. >> hey, jared. >> hey, guys. >> at subway, you can choose from seven sandwiches with six grams of fat or less and they all taste great. food for thought. >> so jared, you've got your old fat pants, haven't you? let's have a look at them. >> i do. these are way more pham mouse. if i can't make an event, i send the paints. >> wow. >> 60 inch waste. these are relaxed fit, though, which is important to have. it's a good reminder for me. people are fascinated to see the pants. when i talk to kids and i speak to church all ovildren all over countries and the world and when they see the old pair of pants they just can't believe it. >> more information on the jared foundation. check out jared subway brought sandwiches for everybody in the audience including me in their new bags. [ applause ] >> so we'll be handing those out. and as you would expect from rocc
Comedy Central
Dec 3, 2013 11:00pm PST
"dallas buyers club" this is a good movie you have to check it out. jared leto is here. unbelievable. listen to this, we're currently in what i feel like is the most wonderful time of the year. [laughter] why not? [laughter] festive trees go up, carolers break out in song. starbucks switches out the vat of pumpkin spice additives for the vat of peppermint additives. it's a time to cherish what we have because we could lose it. >> how majorities are become are notes at the pool. how sharia law is changing everything. >> jon: it's changing everything and probably not for the better. while i don't know what sharia law is i know it's muslim-y. and if fox is talking about it it's going to destroy the nation. >> a ymca in st. paul is starting a swim group for muslim girls but special considerations have to be made to keep with religious beliefs. >> jon: oh, my god! special considerations. everything has changed. [ laughter ] wait, what has changed? >> during the one hour class is pool is shut down, men's locker room is locked and female lifeguards are brought in. >> jon: oh, my god everyth
Dec 14, 2013 12:00pm PST
. this is jason mraz and the beautiful lady standing there with him is ai alexandra jared. he's playing lucky. ♪ baby i'm trying >> alexandra is singing a duet with jason mraz. she's singing the song "lucky" with him. this all happened in los angeles. >> whoo! ♪ >>exandra had gone to see him perform at the cafe. she was duturned away because s was under way. she decided to wait in the alley. he came out. better than saying hello, ended up singing this entire show. and she is insanely talented. listen to the pips on this girl. ♪ you hold me ♪ i hear that sound >> they sound amazing together. ♪ with my best friend". >> people do have the story behind this particular video. everybody is saying, when will they perform again. you know us. we do a ton of research. in fact, in september, jason mraz was performing during his lover is a four-letter word tour in san francisco. alexandra was at the concert. once again, they're singing lucky together. this time, she's in front of an audience of screaming jason mraz fans. to tell us more, we have alexandra jared, also known as alexa. >> the migh
Dec 24, 2013 6:00pm PST
forced my dear brother jared i passed me on the third of may. i'm so close but no avail the site of the city the next day at the hospice he is a lot of fun. i'm so beyond its core target of the members asked at the sydney dance better at math. it's real today get lambasted him thus the audience. i've seen the police. guru. you will. i help. yes twenty years. it's been in the larger of the bag one last look after i got greedy well be the end of his life. we really appreciate everything they do. i am. how . and all. with a suitable to the bridge of the things you wouldn't normally formed because of the political war was the biggest content with tons of music you'll ever stays in the city. the kids for a few local musicians the chance to work alongside the world for noise of the character kaufman refrain was that people type into bankruptcy nights here with a photo shoot. i have everything what it all. he repeated the words can describe a good about what i was out early. honestly i was prepared to stay. it was really sick. i was doing really great experience to be decided and corpor
Dec 6, 2013 3:00pm PST
, and wrong about the minimum wage, unemployment benefits and cuts to the safety net. joining me are jared bernstein and randy weingarten. thank you both for being here. >> jared, i thought obama care was supposed to be a job killer. what happened here? >> i thought the way you put it was right. they're going to have to go for a new talking point. not only did we add 203,000 jobs last month in november, but if you look over the past 11 months just over the year 2013, we've averaged about 190,000 jobs per month. so the trend of the last couple of months has actually been a lasting one. the unemployment rate fell from 7.3% to 7%. sometimes when we've talked about declining unemployment in recent months, it's been because people left the job market. but not in november. we had people coming into the job market and finding jobs. now, we're not out of the woods. 7% is too high an unemployment rate. i'm sure you would agree with me. but we're certainly headed in the right direction and perhaps at a faster clip than we thought. completely inconsistent with those talking points. >> no doubt about
Dec 17, 2013 10:00pm PST
. >> joining me now, krystal ball and jared bernstein. krystal, this is one of those love john mccain days. just because -- i mean, the guy drives you crazy and then every once in a while there's one of these moments. he could have just voted and went his merry way but he couldn't help but rubbing ted cruz's -- if we don't do this, what do we do? just tell me what we do to avoid a government shutdown and he said the american public steadfastly rejects a shutdown. >> john mccain was the most vocal senator when ted cruz was pulling his government shutdown shenanigans. he's the one who called him a wacko bird as well. the interesting thing here, too, is that john mccain has been directly honest about what this deal is really about. for both sides, what they wanted to come to the table around was finding a way to avoid at all costs another government shutdown. democrats don't want it because government shutdowns are over and republicans like paul ryan and john boehner and those who voted against it don't want it because it is destruction for their party. now, on the other hand, they haven't ru
Dec 4, 2013 7:00pm EST
economist for vice president biden, jared bernstein. he's at the center of budget and policies. jim pazakukas is with the american institute and cnbc. jimmy p., what about income inequality. there's a lot of studies out there and they show in the last 20 or 30 years that hasn't happened. that's not true. it's a bogus issue. >> i don't want to have study versus counter study. income inequality, the top 90% and 10% have increased. a lot of disputes about how high inequality has gone. the president fears all of the statistics about income inequality. there is no evidence that, a, income inequality hurts income and, b, there's no evidence that income inequality has led to the middle class stagnation. you don't have to look at the studies. there's a country that's been running the obama playbook for 20 years. it's tough to fire people. that country is called japan. how has their economy done the past 20 years, terrible. that's the obamanomics there. >> what do you think of jim p.'s challenge? >> i think that the issue that you're missing there was really at the heart of his presentation
Dec 9, 2013 7:00pm EST
. here now, jared bernstein and representative dave swikert. dave r let me begin with you, is my information correct? there is going to be a deal. there is going to be a vote. there are not enough votes to get 218 in the house. the defense hawks and others will not permit the sequester to go through. is that fair? is that correct? >> that's the information i'm hearing. we're all getting on the airplanes tonight and heading back to d.c. to start this actual discussion tomorrow morning. hopefully by midday tomorrow, we'll know what the real facts are and actually where the votes are starting to lay. >> jared, what i also gather is they're going to move some spending accounts around. not going to get into appropriations minutia. that's all going to be shifted around. but it is interesting, once they get that done and once the defense appropriations goes up some, they're looking at semiinteresting stuff here. higher co-pays for federal pension system, maybe higher fees for the guarantees of that system, maybe fannie and freddie have to pay more. aviation security is going to have a u
Dec 2, 2013 3:00pm PST
now are jared bernstein and krystal ball. thank you both for coming on the show. >> thanks for having us, rev. >> thank you. >> krystal, so much work to do but this dprs is on track to be the least productive ever. >> well, that's exactly right. and i think they're leaving because they don't care to get anything done. they want to keep flogging negative obama care stories and hope that scores them some political points. but the truth of the matter is they could put immigration reform on the house right now and it would pass. they could do something like raising the minimum wage which is hugely popular out there in the country. and whether they want to address these issues or not, i do think there is a rising wave of support that is going to have to force them to take action. they're not going to do it on their own. on black friday we saw 1500 prote protests around the country at walmart. this week we're e sooing fast food workers protest for a higher wage. i think that is one thing they're not going to be able to ignore for long. >> you raise a good point. but let me go back to minimu
Dec 4, 2013 1:00pm PST
strategies and msnbc contributor, jared bernstein, senior fellow at the center of budget and policy priorities. jared, start with you. this is president obama going deep. he really went in on an issue you have been working on for a long time, which is income inequality. what was your reaction to the president's speech today? >> i did think it was a speech of some depth. and i wrote that, because i thought that it was a very skewed diagnosis. we used to talk about inequality and i've been looking at that phenomenon for decades now, and throw up our charts and say, boy, look at that, folks, isn't that that a problem? what the president did today, is he tied that to the lack of opportunity, to the lack of mobility. even to problems in overall economic growth. financial instability. bubbles. the kinds of problems that have been really tanking the economy now for a number of business cycles. so it was a very complete diagnosis of the problem. and i thought the prescriptions, which you began to get at in your introduction, went right to the heart of it, as well. a real role for government
Dec 14, 2013 1:00pm PST
, jared bernstein and josh barrow. thanks to you both. >> thank you. >> jared, i want to start with you because obviously this deal was, you know, finally calibrated to, you know, it was sort of not too much, not too little and as much as both sides are sort of unhappy, it does strike me that there is some credit to be given to the democrats for pretty immediately taking the entitlement programs off the table and president obama at one point had said he would support it or he would be open to the idea of it being on the table. >> actually, there wouldn't have been even this small deal at all if those kinds of larger issues hadn't left the room. down here in washington, there's a lot of talk about a grand bargain for years. the idea that democrats would give on entitlements and republicans give on tax revenues and it never happened because both camps were solidly against it. and so, only when they dispelled the notion of doing anything grand could they find any common ground at all and there's a tiny little patch of common ground that they found and it involves shaving $65 billion off of
Dec 28, 2013 5:00am PST
sanford, florida, msnbc contributor jared bernstein, senior fellow for budget policy priority, one-time economic adviser to the vice president. welcome jared down there and everybody here. susie, if you can give us the bottom line on the capitol hill congressional politics of where it stands? harry reed in the senate set a vote on january 6th of some kind of extension. does it have any chance of clearing this republican-controlled house? >> so the extension as you mentioned would not be offset by any other proms that republicans have been asking for. it would be three months. the idea is the folks supporting this extension want to buy themselves more time for a year-long extension. >> that this will be give them more time to work something out. they said even democrats are willing to look for pay fors to offset the costs overall for the year it would be $25 billion. so the three month extension would be $6 billion t. question is, is this something that congress can swallow right now? as you mentioned, there is a budget deal. although both the house and the senate easily passed this
FOX News
Dec 16, 2013 7:00pm PST
who want to take guns away, how about something that would make a difference? from jared loughner and adam lanza, the virginia tech shooting. they were all known to be crazy. they should have been forced to take medication or institutionalized. as long as liberals brought up their politics, as i described about mob behavior and violence on the left, the left has a 200-year history of engaging in political violence. every presidential assassination -- sometimes it's a run of the mill nut. but when they are political they are liberals. four members of congress were assassinated. two were just crazy people. the first and the last were committed by liberal nuts. >> the difference is if you go back to the gabby giffords, they made a big deal. sarah palin followed bob beckelle's model of districts. >> they should ban metaphors. >> often the people responsible for the shooting are left wing lunaticses. except we don't blame them. we blame the mental health system, the individual. >> i was the first to say liberalism is an aspect of mental illness. it ises not surprising to the extent of
Dec 7, 2013 7:00am PST
speak pandora. he went to jared. [ female announcer ] this holiday, find these pandora charms, exclusively at jared. you're good. i know. [ female announcer ] that's why he went to jared. it's so much more than coffee. brew the love. keurig. ♪ [ male announcer ] hurry in and get up to 30% off on select christmas items at lowe's. ♪ >>> all right. time, now, for the news that pops. we changed that. instead of "pop news," it's the news that pops. >> i wanted a little flavor. >> now that you have the gems on, take it away. where is security? >> good morning. let's start with the hottest fashion accessory in the world right now. no joke. the world. kate middleton was spotted wearing on the red carpet. and it's beautiful. you would be forgiven if you think it's made of diamonds. but guess what. it costs only $35.90 from zara. as of 3:00 yesterday, it was sold out online. but i was able to snap this up in person at my local store. so, if you want to look like a duchess -- my friends. you want to get on that fast. these are selling like hot cakes. >>> madonna's daughter, lordes, i
Dec 6, 2013 6:00am EST
's -- i'm sorry, jared, that certainly is sort of a leading question. and i want to talk to you seriously about it because i read your stuff. and i've been making points recently, jared, you might like. jared bernstein, the senior fellow at the center for senior budget policies, also former chief economist for my hero, joe biden. >> another great joe. >> joe, we sent him to china, it's done, boom, 24 hours, everything's fine. right? pats a couple people on the back. i don't know. we need more joe. i'm backing him against -- becky's backing hillary. anyway. here's what -- i like what you say, jared, because you're smart. you make the point that -- >> this is feeling a little bit like a set-up, but go ahead. >> it is. no. because you make the point that it matters how much you raise the minimum wage. >> right. >> i've said, okay. let's make it $100 an hour and see whether that does anything. and you do a thing where you go up to a certain point where it's beneficial. and beyond that, it could actually hurt job creation, right? >> right. that's precisely what i believe the evidence shows. an
Dec 3, 2013 7:00am PST
, no. she's gonna love it, right? [ all ] no. she will not. four words: he. went. to. jared. jared? jared. trust us. now, step away from the jersey and nobody gets hurt. [ female announcer ] jared, the galleria of jewelry has a large selection of tag heuer swiss timepieces -- including a new aquaracer, sophisticated, thin and elegant. the perfect gift... i love it! [ female announcer ] ...from an almost-perfect guy, that's why he went to jared. ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ [ male announcer ] nothing melts away the cold like a hot delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow >>> right then. here's "the play of the day." >> anybody have anything going on in their lives? >> what's new? >> no? when i was a kid. big 5 sporting goods, i always wanted to get locked inside overnight to not have to go home. well take a look at what happens if that happens. dude perfect. this comedy troupe, overnight in a sporting goods store. of course, you're minigolfing down an escalator. >> that's fantastic. >> why not? and it goes. again, another look at i
Dec 13, 2013 7:00am PST
! ♪ attention... he went to jared. [ female announcer ] create your own one-of-a-kind ring at jared this friday through sunday and receive get set in diamonds rewards -- up to a thousand dollars toward a beautiful diamond setting when you buy your diamond at jared. choose from thousands of diamonds and hundreds of settings. oh. please return your fiancée to her original upright position. [ female announcer ] get up to a thousand dollar reward at jared, the galleria of jewelry. >>> are you ready, amy? >> yeah, let's do it. >>> are you ready, amy? >> yeah, let's do it. >> you want to sing christmas carols with me and amy poehler for a dollar? >> for a dollar. >> yes. ♪ talk the halls with boughs of holly ♪ ♪ la, la, la, la ♪ 'tis the season to be jolly ♪ fa, la, la, la, la, la >> that's amy poehler and billy eichner. ambushing people, challenging them to sing along, as you see. hitting the streets of new york city. it's the latest hilarious video to go viral from our good friends at funnyordie. >> i want to go with them. >> it looks like fun. especially those two. people are great spor
Dec 28, 2013 7:00am PST
is the latest chapter in how syracuse's quarterback overcomes adversity. >> jared greenberg joins us now with more on this plorning's "bleacher report." jared, what have you got? >> this is a tremendous feel-good story, deb and victor. terrell hunt has never stopped fighting. while in high school, both of his parents died one year apart. hunt's mother wanted him to go to syracuse. now, completing his first season as 'cuse's quarterback, he had some magic up his sleeve. syracuse down by three, watch the poise by hunt, decided to run, a 12r-yard touchdown, the orange up four. minnesota would have one last chance, and they got a great shot. the quarterback delivers a perfect pass, but it goes right through the receiver's hands. maybe some magic for syracuse as they hang on to win and hunt named the game's most valuable player as the orange win the texas bowl. >>> tony romo is out as the cowboys prepare for the most important game of the season. romo underwent back surgery yesterday, which will keep him sidelined for the remainder of the year, no matter how long that is. the only way it cont
Dec 8, 2013 6:00am PST
went to jared. [ female announcer ] celebrate life's unforgettable moments with a fabulous selection of pandora charms and bracelets -- including these charms, exclusively at jared, the galleria of jewelry. telling her life's story with just a turn of the wrist. you're good. i know. [ female announcer ] that's why he went to jared. >>> it is a very special weekend around here. it is jenna's first weekend back from maternity leave. we have missed her very much. we're happy she got lots of time with harper. it's a big adjustment when you come back as a working parent. we thought we'd gather up some thoughts from some of your fellow working parts and maybe some day working parents here at the "today" show. >> jenna, some of the best advice i got before coming back to work after my first son was born was from my son heather who said to focus on whatever the task is at hand. if you're at work, focus on work. when you're with your baisch by, focus on harper. >> i have to say, first, welcome back to a normal sleep schedule, at least as normal as mornings on "weekend today" can be. when i we
Dec 6, 2013 8:00am PST
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Dec 6, 2013 12:00pm PST
from the previous four months. okay, if it's jobs friday, it times for our dynamic economic duo, jared bernstein and peter marchi, even you have to feel good about this jobs report. >> i think this is a good jobs report given what we've been through. >> easy, jerry. >> i would like to have more jobs and be around 300,000, 400,000 but i think next year will be even better. so much so i think it is time to start to withdraw the stimulus and start focusing on budgetary priorities in terms of what do we really want to do. what do we really need and worry less about stimulus but more about the fundamentals. we need to rebuild bridges. let's not do that because it's stimulus but because we need bridges. >> i think we've got an optimist in a peter suit. i'm suprprised what i'm hearing from you morici. jared, you have an article talking about the relationship between income inequality and economic growth. let me quote a little bit. in a highly consumption driven economy such as ours, the upward distribution of growth to those with lower propensities to consume should lead to slower growth. i k
Dec 10, 2013 1:00pm PST
people more secure because we fought to include this protection in the law. joining us now is jared bernstein, senior fellow at the center for budget and policy priorities. and robert reich, an economics professor at ucla berkeley. labor secretary under president clinton, as you know. and his new film, "inequality for all," about america's widening income gap is currently in theatres. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> let me start with you, jared, the consumer financial protection bureau, some of the recent prosecutions we have seen of banks, including jpmorgan and other civil investigations. are we seeing something of a shift in the way the obama administration is able to combine basically prosecution and regulation to rein in some bank practices? yes. we're seeing something of a shift. the volcker rule, as articulated today, came out of a set of negotiations by a bunch of regulators. actually looks pretty good. and i'm not the only one to say that. believe me, i look at these things with a jaundiced eye. others oh worried it wouldn't be teat enough are writing fairly flatte
Dec 10, 2013 3:00pm PST
stand in the house. >> joining me now are jared bernstein and dana milbank. dana, a deal. can they sell this deal? >> well, i think they can, rev repd. it's not clear paul ryan can sell it to a majority of his caucus, but they're taking it to the floor anyway. it's something to celebrate in it beats a shutdown. it's not something to celebrate they put aside all the big deals. doing something about tax reform, entitlement. and just said what's a small thing we can agree on in the short-term. >> but they do need to sell it, dana. they need democratic votes to even get this out of the house. >> definitely are going to need democratic votes. and i expect democrats will be an easier sell for this because they're replacing some of the sequester. not all of it. they didn't get that far. but the cuts aren't going to be quite as deep as they otherwise would have been. i think democrats are going to say it's better than we had otherwise even though we don't like it. >> it's a narrow deal, jared. because you're dealing with it does reduce the sequester by $65 billion. but nobody got what they want
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Dec 4, 2013 7:30pm PST
want you to mean it. >> jon: very good in this. please welcome jared leto. [cheers and applause] >> jon: soak it in boys. soak it in. enjoy the feeling. [ laughter ] >> why did you sit down? >> jon: i feel like your narc older brother right now trying to convince to you go back to school. sit. my friend -- >> yes. >> jon: what a performance you give in this film and a beautiful film. >> thank you. >> jon: it's out. they can see it. >> you can see it. >> you can walk to a theater and see it. >> jon: you won an award today. >> i did. >> jon: the new york circle -- critic's circle. >> yeah, i did. >> jon: is that a ceremony? do they call you? >> just a couple of hours -- i didn't know about it. i know now. [ laughter ] he didn't just tell me. [ laughter ] >> jon: i'm a news man! [laughter] breaking news, you are an award winning actor. >> finally. but, yeah, i did. this new york film critic's circle award. it's quite an honor, really humbling. i hadn't made a film in almost six years. to come back and get this love and support is nuts. >> jon: you hadn't made -- was there something in part
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Dec 9, 2013 7:00pm PST
club" this is a good movie you have to check it out. jared leto is here. unbelievable. listen to this, we're currently in what i feel like is the most wonderful time of the year. [laughter] why not? [laughter] festive trees go up, carolers break out in song. starbucks switches out the vat of pumpkin spice additives for the vat of peppermint additives. it's a time to cherish what we have because we could lose it. >> how majorities are become are notes at the pool. how sharia law is changing everything. >> jon: it's changing everything and probably not for the better. while i don't know what sharia law is i know it's muslim-y. and if fox is talking about it it's going to destroy the nation. >> a ymca in st. paul is starting a swim group for muslim girls but special considerations have to be made to keep with religious beliefs. >> jon: oh, my god! special considerations. everything has changed. [ laughter ] wait, what has changed? >>
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